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Bathroom Trompe L'oeil Mural

We can create a unique design for your home or office that can become a dramatic focal point in a room, an entryway, a breathtaking ceiling or a pleasant surprise above a bed, door or window.  We work in many different styles -- from old-world to contemporary imagery. Take a look at the Trompe L'oeil section.

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Trompe L'oeil Tropical Garden Mural slideshow

Trompe L'oeil Tropical Garden Mural

A slideshow depicting a recent project of a Trompe L’oeil tropical garden mural. All the walls and ceilings were painted to create a stunning atmosphere in a private condominium entrance hall.

Bathroom Trompe L'Oeil Mural

Bathroom Trompe L'oeil Mural

An original mural handpainted on a bathroom wall above the tub. It measures approx. 7'x7'. The depth, view and color adds tremendous interest to this luxurious master bathroom.

Fireplace Wall with Panoramic Landscape Mural

Fauxcademy Award Winning Project!

This wall mural, on both sides of a fireplace, adds great depth, interest and ambience to the living space. 


Tuscan Garden View Mural

This acrylic mural is 8' high x 11.5' wide.  It was painted directly in the recessed niche - adding great dimension and color to the dining space.


Trompe L'oeil Mural Grand Manner style

This canvas mural was painted as a sample in the Graham Rust Mural Workshop in Suffolk, England.



Faux Fresco Outdoor Fireplace Mural

Custom mural above an outdoor fireplace in the courtyard of a luxury Florida home. The cartouche design, family crest, and woodland animals were key elements for this faux fresco mural - a whimsical, old world feeling was achieved.  Aging techniques added to create the desired finish.


Philippine Rice Terraces Mural

This 10'x10' mural depicts the famous Philippine Rice Terraces. It was painted on two pieces of canvas and mounted to the wall.


Folk Art Mural in Living Room

This 9'x7' mural depicts a Philippine village folk scene of the tinikling dancers.  It was painted on one piece of canvas and mounted to the wall. 


Flori - Pompeian Fresco Mural

This is copy of the famous Pompeian Fresco.  It was painted on a ground coat of synthetic plaster, and distressed and aged for an authentic look.


Villa Livia - Fresco Mural

This work was inspired by the room-sized Roman Fresco in the National Art Museum of Rome. It was painted on a ground coat of Lyme and synthetic plaster. It was aged and distressed for an authentic look.


Pompeian Angel Fresco Mural

This work is a copy of a Pompeian Fresco.  It was painted on a ground coat of synthetic plaster, and aged and distressed for an authentic look.


Arianna - Faux Fresco Mural

This example of a faux fresco needs many layers of paint, glaze and plaster, to achieve the final look of an aged and distressed Roman fresco.


Entrance Hall Landscape Mural

An original landscape mural was painted on four walls in a 2-story entrance hall.  It makes a grand first impression, and provides a passing through space that can be viewed and appreciated from three other rooms.

Faux Stone Arch

This Stone Arch project incorporates several faux techniques and finishes -- dimensional faux stone, faux marble inlay, trompe l'oeil, textured glazing and a hand-painted border.  It was designed around the existing furniture pieces.

Handpainted Image Collage on canvas

This original illustration on canvas is related to Leonardo da Vinci, the artist and inventor..  It was commissioned by a NY telecommunications company to inspire and challenge its employees to come up with their own creative ideas through an incentive program.

Kid's Room Mural

This wall mural has two large airplanes painted with acrylics on cutout panels of MDF.  The background of clouds on the walls and ceiling were painted with several soft shades of glaze .


Handpainted Tree Mural

A hand-painted tree brings elements of the outdoors to a dining room.

Sky Ceiling & wall Mural

This ceiling was realistically rendered in oil paints.  The effect adds more depth and atmosphere to any space.

Angel on canvas with dimensional border

A custom print on canvas that was antiqued and highlighted with metallic gold.  The border has a stucco texture with a dimensional stencil design.

Handpainted Textured Vines

This kitchen walls were given a textured, stucco finish and glazed with a light terracotta color.  A handpainted grapevine accents the two open doorways which adds more color and interest to the decor.

Impressionistic Landscape

Impressionistic garden scene.  Oils.

Tropical Forest

Airbrush design.

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